So..What do I have left in the Larder?

Will I make it? Its Tuesday now, i gotta go till Saturday Morning on what i have left….

Sure..why not?


I have enough cous cous for one more meal, some oats enough for 1 breakfast, about half a cup each of sugar and powdered milk, enough coffee……7 potatoes, 2 and a half packs of pasta,1 cup rice,  2 eggs, 1 kabanos, 1 carrot, 1 bulb garlic, 1/6th jar pesto ,1/3 a jar of korma sauce, 2 tins beans, 2 tins of tomato soup.

All in all i think I am doing pretty damn fantastically! AND (Mother, Don’t faint please.) I am Actually drinking and enjoying WATER for the first time in my life. OK, enjoy is a strong word…..but I am drinking the filthy tasteless stuff!

My reward on Sunday for sticking this is going to be an INDIAN TAKEAWAY delivered from JALSA my favourite takeaway ever! they do a fantastic deal Thursday and Sunday…£10 for a starter and a main,rice, with Naan, poppadum n chutnies and that is DELIVERED!! Im looking forward to my Lamb shish kebab, salad, poppadum, yoghurt n chutney, 2 peshwari naans and lamb rogan josh!!!! (i have 2 naan as the peshwari naan are to die for!!!!) and lets face it….i can make my own rice in 5 mins….. And i will wash that lot down with two large bottles of Peroni Lager……….Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


2 thoughts on “So..What do I have left in the Larder?

  1. OK your doing well.- Keep going.

    I see you have some plastic jars among the goodies you have left.

    As Goats can eat anything – perhaps these will grind down to make a gelatinous soup..Perhaps not…

    But you can chew the labels Friday night………………………Emergency rations


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