Day 5. Dinner is Cous-Cous again…but OH MY!!!!

Well, I didn’t fancy Rice, or Spaghetti….. and let’s face it my choices are fast running out!

By tomorrow night I will be drinking my coffee sugarless (yuck!!!!!) and by Wednesday..Black! ( I despair!!)

Anyway I used these ingredients…. half a tomato, 4 cloves of garlic, a small onion, 1 mushroom, a piece of zucchini a chunk of carrot and 1 Kabanos smoked sausage.

DSC00556 chop n dice em real small..this is IMPORTANT!

DSC00559 then add salt n pepper and a sprinkle of olive oil, mix well and microwave on nuclear (full power) for 2 minutes, stir and give it 2 more minutes

make your cous cous.1 measure just covered with water a splash of olive oil and cover with the other bowl as shown…

DSC00561DSC00562 wait for 5 more, no less.

the cous sous will swell, at this point fluff it up with the fork as you mix well in the big bowl…..


serve, eat, enjoy!


total time taken less than 15 minutes from fridge to plate…. who says you cant make good food with minimal ingredients and just a kettle n microwave?


1 thought on “Day 5. Dinner is Cous-Cous again…but OH MY!!!!

  1. So tell me…Is the way your eating making progress weight-wise,inch-wise,or what would you say………. now your nearly halfway into it.


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