Day 4. Coffee ‘n Cookies Breakfast and a Good Samaritan..

Today, I am just not Hungry..although last night a Fray Bentos Steak ‘n’ kidney pudding was haunting my dreams…. Tough Luck FB! I don’t have an Oven!

Coffee x 3,  Cookies x 4 ( 2 Ginger, 2 Oatmeal)

The Good Samaritan? Oh, that’s my Dad….. he decided to donate 20 Euros into my bank account ‘just in case’! (Thanks dad!, much appreciated…)

One thing I did neglect to mention was I still had £2.99 in the bank when I started this I discovered that yesterday, and thought well.. it can get me a little extra, which is I think fair(ish) ok, its a little cheat, but so was the gift from The local methodist Church…. but come on dear reader, would you not do the same? *you may comment yeah or nay below!

Unless it is REALLY an emergency. e.g.  NO FOOD AT ALL OF ANY TYPE in the House I have resolved not to use the 20 Euros my dad sent me. ( That’s £15.43 in British money or $24 in USA Dollars..)

WAIT till you see what I conjured up for Lunch!!!!

HINT…contains Broth Mix and a Tin of Oxtail soup,,,,,,


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