DAY 2 The Breakfast of Champions…….. Champion the Wonder Horse that is!

Porridge Oats n Coffee.

Was not as bad as it sounds actually….. I made the Oats with 2 spoons coffee mate, 2 sugars, a Yoghurt pot of Porridge oats and just added Boiling water and stirred. No Microwave, nothing….and they were very very good.

The Oats thicken up as much as if you had microwaved them and were not too sweet….tomorrow I will skip the coffee mate as I don’t think they need it.

I am not hungry this morning at all.oh don’t get me wrong, a Full English and a pint Mug of Tea would go down a treat right now….but I don’t NEED it…….. (ask me again on Friday when I’m chewing the Neighbours Dog’s bone and the story may be different.)

Anyhow’s, I am going to make another Coffee and read the paper now…..see you again at Lunchtime, I have no clue what i will make yet.

 DSC00491 DSC00492 DSC00493


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