Lunch (OK Brunch.) Day 1…. Use That Bread!

Well the surprise was, I had a crust in that bread! Bonus!!

I decided to make a Cheese and Onion Sandwich with a scrape of Pesto n Tomato…. Mmmmmm Yummy!

Also took on board a tip from years ago..Drink a glass of water before you eat… i did.

Total food intake today so far…… (including Coffee)


YES…that waist measurement is in inches! I am quite frankly, totally disgusted with myself. I have totally let myself go.

Maybe this enforced lesser quantity of food will do me good, I do realize that i have very litle to NO fresh food, veggies, salad etc in the house, or fruit. THIS WILL CHANGE…for me next blog, the follow up to this one which I plan to call ’12 Days later..the sequel.  (I don’t think this is a new you? LOL)

DSC00468 DSC00462 DSC00463 DSC00464 DSC00465


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