Day 8. Dinner.. Spuds n Beans

Decided to use the spuds up as they looked a little tired……

chopped em into chunck, a litle oil n chilli, salt n pepper, then nuke in Micro for 6 mins, turn 6 mins, then another 6 mins

they shrunk to about half the size and were nice n chewy. added a tin of beans……job done. drizzled a little home made balsamic glaze on em..Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Water n black coffee



Day 8. Spaghetti n Black Coffee no sugar…….

Well the day started off pretty bad at 8am this morning……I awoke with the mother of all headaches and mad hungry..stomach rumbling and a little shaky.

Off to the kitchen and half a tin of tomato soup in a big mug topped with boiling water and stirred..and I felt a little better.

woke again at 11am. and had the last of my sugar and coffee mate in a coffee and set about preparing pasta with tomato sauce.

For the sauce.half a tin of tomato soup, a large dash of pepper, 1 spoonful of pesto n some chili…stir and pour onto half a packet of pasta that has had 10 mins in the microwave in already boiling water. not great….but better than expected.

Washed down with black sugar


So..What do I have left in the Larder?

Will I make it? Its Tuesday now, i gotta go till Saturday Morning on what i have left….

Sure..why not?


I have enough cous cous for one more meal, some oats enough for 1 breakfast, about half a cup each of sugar and powdered milk, enough coffee……7 potatoes, 2 and a half packs of pasta,1 cup rice,  2 eggs, 1 kabanos, 1 carrot, 1 bulb garlic, 1/6th jar pesto ,1/3 a jar of korma sauce, 2 tins beans, 2 tins of tomato soup.

All in all i think I am doing pretty damn fantastically! AND (Mother, Don’t faint please.) I am Actually drinking and enjoying WATER for the first time in my life. OK, enjoy is a strong word…..but I am drinking the filthy tasteless stuff!

My reward on Sunday for sticking this is going to be an INDIAN TAKEAWAY delivered from JALSA my favourite takeaway ever! they do a fantastic deal Thursday and Sunday…£10 for a starter and a main,rice, with Naan, poppadum n chutnies and that is DELIVERED!! Im looking forward to my Lamb shish kebab, salad, poppadum, yoghurt n chutney, 2 peshwari naans and lamb rogan josh!!!! (i have 2 naan as the peshwari naan are to die for!!!!) and lets face it….i can make my own rice in 5 mins….. And i will wash that lot down with two large bottles of Peroni Lager……….Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Day 7. Brunch and Dinner 3 Guesses what I am having?

Well i was not actually hungry this morning.

So i decided i would double-up and make a batch of Cous Cous that would do lunch n Dinner!

carrots were a little bendy, my last 1/3 of the zucchini looked sad and the last chunk of pork was a little ‘slimy’ to say the least..

so i rinsed the pork, cubed it, and nuked it to death……8 minutes.  4,2,2…then added it to the veggies and gave it 2, 2, so 12 minutes altogether……..its cooked! no germs…….well,…..I will know later!

Was delicious! other half is in Microwave for dinner tonight.


Day 6. Dinner… Curry n Rice….. A welcome change!

Well, I had some rice and Curry sauce…felt like the tastiest thing ever…..

Everything I have ever been told about cooking rice in a Microwave is WRONG!

For FLUFFY rice, DO NOT RINSE…..just add twice the water than rice, 10 mins on high in the Microwave, THEN add boiling water to rice, give a stir, and drain. repeat,,,..the result is the lightest fluffiest rice ever…. ( Sorry Mum!)

DSC00571yep, looked kinda sicky.but Korma sauce n rice is nice..

Day 5. Dinner is Cous-Cous again…but OH MY!!!!

Well, I didn’t fancy Rice, or Spaghetti….. and let’s face it my choices are fast running out!

By tomorrow night I will be drinking my coffee sugarless (yuck!!!!!) and by Wednesday..Black! ( I despair!!)

Anyway I used these ingredients…. half a tomato, 4 cloves of garlic, a small onion, 1 mushroom, a piece of zucchini a chunk of carrot and 1 Kabanos smoked sausage.

DSC00556 chop n dice em real small..this is IMPORTANT!

DSC00559 then add salt n pepper and a sprinkle of olive oil, mix well and microwave on nuclear (full power) for 2 minutes, stir and give it 2 more minutes

make your cous cous.1 measure just covered with water a splash of olive oil and cover with the other bowl as shown…

DSC00561DSC00562 wait for 5 more, no less.

the cous sous will swell, at this point fluff it up with the fork as you mix well in the big bowl…..


serve, eat, enjoy!


total time taken less than 15 minutes from fridge to plate…. who says you cant make good food with minimal ingredients and just a kettle n microwave?

Day 4. Dinner

I made a soup using soup!

let me explain.  I took a tin of Oxtail soup and added to it a measure of soaked broth mix. if you soak the quantity you see below of pulses, overnight, they double in size….then i added them to the slow cooker with a tin of oxtail soup, and half a tin of water…after cooking for 5 hours on high.Mmmmmm Delicious!DSC00522DSC00526DSC00530

Day 4. Coffee ‘n Cookies Breakfast and a Good Samaritan..

Today, I am just not Hungry..although last night a Fray Bentos Steak ‘n’ kidney pudding was haunting my dreams…. Tough Luck FB! I don’t have an Oven!

Coffee x 3,  Cookies x 4 ( 2 Ginger, 2 Oatmeal)

The Good Samaritan? Oh, that’s my Dad….. he decided to donate 20 Euros into my bank account ‘just in case’! (Thanks dad!, much appreciated…)

One thing I did neglect to mention was I still had £2.99 in the bank when I started this I discovered that yesterday, and thought well.. it can get me a little extra, which is I think fair(ish) ok, its a little cheat, but so was the gift from The local methodist Church…. but come on dear reader, would you not do the same? *you may comment yeah or nay below!

Unless it is REALLY an emergency. e.g.  NO FOOD AT ALL OF ANY TYPE in the House I have resolved not to use the 20 Euros my dad sent me. ( That’s £15.43 in British money or $24 in USA Dollars..)

WAIT till you see what I conjured up for Lunch!!!!

HINT…contains Broth Mix and a Tin of Oxtail soup,,,,,,